Expanding Knowledge Conferences

real estate lease management education

Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass
SEPTEMBER 11-14, 2022

The Marriott and the NRTA have agreed to postpone the 2021 conference. OUR NEXT ANNUAL CONFERENCE WILL BE HELD IN PHOENIX, ARIZONA from September 11-14, 2022

Your NRTA Challenge

As a front line guardian of your company’s real estate investment, using updated best practices is a critical part of your lease management responsibilities.

One Powerful Curriculum

Who Should Attend

Real Estate Vice Presidents, Real Estate Attorneys, Paralegals, Property Managers, Controllers, Lease Accountants, CFOs, Lease Administrators, and Franchisees.

Hands-On Learning

There is no other professional organization that provides this complete, hands-on real estate lease management training and education for all skill and experience levels. Courses are led by carefully-selected experts who have demonstrated their expertise in the field.

Discount Registration Savings

Take advantage of the significant discount by registering early. You can also get a discount by becoming an NRTA member.


Limitless opportunities for informal networking with industry peers and leaders are a built-in function of the conference experience.

Six Key Education Tracks

Commercial/Office Lease Training, Lease Administration, Occupancy Cost Control, Legal, Real Estate, and Professional Development.

Diverse Courses

Classes cover a range of real estate lease management courses and lease administration training for retail, commercial, office, or healthcare service tenants, and are suited for industry newcomers and seasoned veterans alike.

Community Events

Volunteer activities which give back to our host community have become a conference favorite. These events typically happen as part of the conference’s Sunday kickoff. They’re also great ways to network. 

Idea Exchanges

Highly interactive, moderated sessions that are focused on a single topic and typically limited to twenty-five (25) people. You’re encouraged to bring real-life examples of challenges you’re dealing with and pursue solutions through peer-to-peer discussion and networking.

Trade Show

Our annual Trade Show features some of the best software technology, tax consulting, and lease audit services available to the real estate lease management industry. The show is low-key, encouraging meaningful interaction and information-sharing.

Proven ROI

There is a proven, quantifiable value associated with attending our Expanding Knowledge conferences. Training is an investment that provides multifold benefits on both an immediate and ongoing basis.

Need help to justify your attendance?

Our Curriculum Committee members developed a tool to help you do that by evaluating the potential Return on Investment (ROI) of attending our conference! This simple ROI Calculator helps tie a value to the benefit generated by NRTA conference attendance and allows your employer to see the net return to your company’s bottom line. Go ahead, do your own math! Simply download, complete, and present.

In addition to the quantifiable ROI, this education forum offers valuable opportunities to network with your peers in retail and corporate real estate and to keep up with the latest trends and best practices in the profession. Be sure to visit our Getting Approval page for more suggestions.