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Occupancy Cost Reduction in a post-COVID economy

Occupancy Cost Reduction in a post-COVID economy

Real Estate Lease managers must adapt to change The real estate lease management industry is undergoing unprecedented change. The long-anticipated industry disruption due to the predicted growth of e-commerce has been in the air for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic...

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Office tenants undecided about workers’ return to office

Office tenants undecided about workers’ return to office

Latest survey results reveal changing COVID-19 developments continue to perplex employers. A just-released survey from The Partnership for New York City reveals how the latest COVID-19 developments have influenced return-to-office policies among major employers....

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There is a place for letter writing in Lease Administration

There is a place for letter writing in Lease Administration

Demand letters a critical skill Lease administrators, real estate landlords, commercial tenants, small businesses, large corporations, education-based non-profits, we all share a common bond—the need to communicate. Clearly. Precisely. Accurately. Effectively. Right...

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Mike Shanahan

“As we believe the NRTA is a great professional resource, once again the Burlington team will attend the conference to partake in the diverse curriculum offered at the conference that only NRTA can deliver. The curriculum provides important insight for new and seasoned Lease Administration professionals. 

If you have retail leases you can’t afford to miss this conference and learn best practices in order to gain operational efficiencies”


-Mike Shanahan, SVP Real Estate

Burlington Stores


debbie ravel

“I want to set a tone that emphasizes the value of NRTA membership as an exclusive club of professionals whose lease management education resources have evolved as an important information resource for corporate CFOs.”


-Lisa Krizek

Executive Director , NRTA

debbie ravel

“I am living proof of the professional benefits and career growth that you can experience through the conference and other NRTA interaction. I have received, and ultimately accepted, a few career offers that came my way directly from meeting and interacting with other NRTA peers who felt they wanted me on their company team.”


-Debbie Ravel

Principal, DR Lease Consulting, LLC

jill stratton

“As someone who studies leadership, I view the NRTA and the people who make it up as class acts and leaders in their fields and encourage leasing professionals and corporate partners to get involved with this outstanding organization. Investing in the development of your employees and cultivating relationships contributes to the overall success and productivity of both individuals and organizations.”


-Jill Stratton, Ph.D.

Vanderbilt University

Frederick Busch

“The NRTA Conference is one of the best knowledge sharing and networking events that anyone in the retail or tenant field must attend. I come back with valuable insights, new contacts, and fully charged with positive passion. Everyone has something to learn, some angle they haven’t explored, and they can find it at the NRTA conference.”


-Frederick Busch, Manager-Real Estate Management.



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