Is the devil really in the detail?  Or is it hiding in the “big picture”?  Find out why audits and desk top reviews that focus solely on reviewing every invoice may be leaving the big dollar overcharges on the table as we examine landlord expense allocations pertaining to common area and occupancy cost.

This Webinar looks at landlord overcharges that are allocated and often go on undetected by the tenant. The webinar begins with the simple pro-rata share allocation, then moves on to the more complicated individual account expense allocations (from labor to real estate taxes) as well as the larger allocations multi-building and property allocations.  The Webinar will look at the expense allocation methodology and how to identify them. Bring your questions!

This presentation is the introduction (prerequisite) to the advance class Expenses Allocations: Case Study and Examples being presented at the NRTA in September at Marco Island, FL September 15th – 18th 2019