With the economic challenges caused by COVID-19, both landlords and tenants are feeling the economic squeeze. Looking ahead, tenants will need to scrutinize their occupancy cost for both old and new types of overcharges brought on by Covid-19. However, landlords are working harder than ever to resist requests to verify billed expenses and even lease audits. Even a well-drafted lease with defined expense exclusions does not help if the landlord denies you the support to verify expenses.

This webinar takes a deep dive into how landlords defend requests for information and to review CAM and Operating Expense Statements. You will learn the tactics landlords use to keep tenants from reviewing or auditing expenses as well as what options are available to counteract these tactics. The following are the webinar’s topics to be discussed: Statute of Limitations, Audit Right Restrictions, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s), Estoppels, Doctrine of Latches, Duck and Dive Approach (Silence), Litigation/Non-Litigation Remedies and Landlord Sells Property (Who’s responsible Old Landlord vs. New Landlord).