Plans and development for our 2019 Expanding Knowledge Conference are well along. We have forty-five (45) courses and twenty-three (23) idea exchanges (formerly known as discussion groups) on the schedule, with presenters and moderators ready to go for each. Conference brochures have been mailed, and you can download a pdf now as well.

We also have community activities scheduled, which are great times to network while having fun. Register for our golf outing at the Hammock Bay Golf and Country Club, sponsored by American Landmark Companies and Marvin F. Poer. The cost per person is $119 USD. Rental clubs are available.

If golf isn’t your thing, you might enjoy an early morning seaside stroll while helping us clean the beach. We also have an opportunity to unleash your creative side by painting a ceramic soup bowl for donation to the Empty Bowls Project, sponsored by TANGO. You may register for either or both of those activities since they run at different times.