Michael Welch, SR/WA, R/W-AC, MRICS serves as the Head of JLL’s Valuation and Advisory Services (VAS) in the United States. In this role, he is focused on the formation, implementation, oversight and expansion of JLL’s national VAS strategy. Mr. Welch, who has been involved in the appraisal and consulting field since 1988, is known nationally for his expertise involving large-scale infrastructure projects. He has conducted initial route studies, cost analysis, impact studies and valuations for more than 2,500 miles of linear projects including pipelines, electrical transmission lines, rail corridors, drainage facilities and major transportation roadways. Additionally, Mr. Welch has been involved in appraisal matters and project management in more than 25 states and in more than 100 Texas counties and has completed litigation services and provided expert witness testimony for properties involved in various county courts of law and state and federal district courts.


Prior to joining JLL in late 2016, Mr. Welch was with Integra Realty Resources, where he most recently served as the Chairman of the Board and CEO. Mr. Welch joined one of Integra Realty Resources’ founding offices, Dominy, Ford & McPherson, Inc., as a Senior Analyst in 1990. During his tenure with the firm, he developed appraisal and consulting expertise involving a wide range of property types including commercial, office, multifamily, industrial, residential and special-purpose properties. In 1997, Mr. Welch was tapped to develop and head the firm’s litigation department. In 2011, Mr. Welch was elected to Integra’s Board of Directors and then Vice Chairman of the Board in 2013. In 2015, he was elected Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.