Jeremiah Vigil is the VP of Operations for Utility Audit, Inc. While strategically managing the sourcing department at Utility Audit, Inc., Jeremiah uses his underlying experience in project control to progress Utility Audit, Inc. through operations and business management. His expertise in utility tariffs, statutes, and utility tax law have propelled the firm into record-breaking refunds, credits, and savings for their clientele. His technological education and history in business management have proven necessary to complete the corporate vision.

Jeremiah also serves as a valued instructor where he expands the company’s expertise of utility bill auditing into the nationwide arena for professionals expanding their knowledge to save resources and monies for their companies. His experience in conducting conferences, classes, and online webinars are utilized during conventions and higher education classes, including the National Retail Tenants Association and the EUCI.

As an Eagle Scout, he carries the integrity of the rank into his professional and personal life. A husband and father of two, he values his home life and counts his family as his highest priority. He and his wife also serve as mentors and counselors to youth, and young adult groups within their local assembly.