Tax planning, valuation, compliance, appeals, technology – POER is the first choice for experience and excellence in property tax services…

During four decades of service, we have become widely recognized as the nation’s leading property tax advisor. We are a full-service property tax company with unsurpassed expertise in real estate, personal property, and the complex valuation issues associated with special-use properties.
Deeply rooted in the LOCAL communities we serve from our 14 offices, our full-time property tax staff includes many former assessors, appraisers, and high-level tax experts who fully understand your LOCAL tax jurisdiction’s system.
They know how to minimize your tax expense, go to bat for you in assessment appeals, and stay on top of your tax obligations. We are the leader in the industry because of our employees, our approach and our strategic use of technology including our proprietary systems such as PTAX, PPS and Client Connect. We are committed to staying ahead of the information and technology curve for one reason – to discover new and better ways to serve you.
·   Strength of NATIONAL resources and LOCAL representation
·   Increased Profit – Substantial tax savings=better returns on your investment
·   Reduced Unexpected Legal Expenses – Our ability to ensure property tax compliance prevents unexpected legal and taxation issues in the future
·   Increased Efficiencies – POER’s full range of tax services give you more time to focus on your business while we focus on your property tax management
·   Enhanced Planning – Pre-acquisition and pre-construction services clarify the tax implications of a prospective purchase and avoid costly mistakes
·   Technology – POER’s Client Connect services enable you to access the status of any case, create customized reports, download critical information pertaining to your personal property/real estate values, appeals and taxes
·   Communication – We work closely with each client to ensure your needs are met so there are no gaps in the services we provide and the services you need