Expanding Knowledge 2017


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When: September 24-27, 2017

Where: New Orleans Marriott in New Orleans, LA


  • Occupancy Cost is a key cost center for your company. What are you doing to protect it?
  • Link up with top lease administration professionals in all phases of real estate lease management.
  • 51 classroom presentations PLUS 19 small group discussion sessions.
"Immediately after returning to my office from last year's conference, I applied some new desktop auditing skills I had studied. We were able to gain an additional $100,000 in savings over the previous year."
Blend of courses continues to expand
This year’s curriculum continues to expand the number of courses and discussion groups specifically targeted to lease issues concerning commercial tenants. A sampling of this year’s classroom presentations for commercial lease managers includes:

  • Understanding Office Operating Costs 
  • Corporate Lease Administration Roles 
  • Best Practices for a Corporate Lease Admin Dept. 
  • Navigating Legal Issues in Corporate Lease Audit Claims 
  • Best Practices for International Lease Administration
  • Value of Using a Corporate Broker 
  • Commercial Lease Base Year Fundamentals
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Guiding Others Toward Lives and Careers of Joy and Flow

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New thinking and new demands to manage brick and mortar

This year’s course presentations feature a number of topics specifically tailored to tenants experiencing changes in both tenant population and traffic patterns. These courses include:
  • Negotiating Co-Tenancy Clauses 
  •  Implementing Exit Strategies 
  •  Managing Outsourcing 
  •  Managing the Workforce in Difficult Times

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