Expanding Knowledge 2016

Real Estate Management Education Program Exceeds Expectations

A highly interactive spirit emerged throughout the NRTA three-day education forum, held September 2016 in Tucson. 450 participants representing retail organizations and commercial retail management teams across the nation and Canada were in attendance, and soaking up the knowledge on offer in 50+ different curriculum presentations and small group workshops. These sessions featured 45 of the brightest minds in the industry as course presenters. Frankly, nowhere else offers such a mainstay of experience and best practice training for real estate management professionals.

NRTA president Lisa Krizek applauded the willingness of our conference presenters to share their knowledge and experience, and enthusiastically encouraged over 85 first time attendees to “make this a superior experience for themselves and the companies they represent.”

Hot Conference Topics

One of the critical strengths of the NRTA conference is its diverse menu of course presentations. This helps to ensure that the conference challenges both attendees who are new to the field of real estate management as well as industry veterans. This year's curriculum included 11 new course topics as well as a healthy mainstay of fundamental real estate management presentations covering critical areas of training including lease occupancy cost control, real estate legal and management, lease administration, professional development, and commercial office real estate training.

This year's 11 new course presentations garnered a lot of attention. Top of the list were presentations and spirited group sessions concerning FASB implementation challenges, such as Managing the FASB Lease Accounting Adventure and How to Negotiate the Right Lease for FASB.

Also topping the list of course interests were presentations concerning the ins and outs of leasing space in China and the challenges and opportunities for international lease administration and audits.

Conference Trade Show Enjoys Overflow

Software and resource companies specifically tuned to serve the lease administration and real estate management industry were in full force and exceptionally active meeting with conference attendees. This year's Trade Show was sold out. In addition to hosting the two and a half day exhibit, many exhibitors participated in the Sunday morning golf tournament and also hosted VIP suites for interactive discussions with conference participants.

Founders' Award Presented

Glenn Browne of Arlington Heights, IL (second from left, shown with his wife and NRTA co-founders Moe Laliberte and Paul Kinney) has been named recipient of the 2016 Founders' Award.

The award presentation was made by NRTA Vice President David Rodgers during the recent Expanding Knowledge Conference in Tucson, AZ.

The NRTA Founder’s Award was introduced in 2003 and is awarded annually to individuals who have demonstrated the spirit of achievement as described by our founders Paul Kinney and Moe Laliberte. It is awarded to recognize members for their distinguished service to the association, the industry, their company and/or community.

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