Innovate, Collaborate, Empower, Succeed is Rallying Cry for 2017s Expanding Knowledge Conference

The job of providing a full toolbox of best practices for real estate lease administration and commercial facility lease practitioners is the goal of NRTA’s annual Expanding Knowledge Conference, planned for September 24-27, 2017. This year’s theme–Innovate, Collaborate, Empower, Succeed–reflects the sense of urgency many portfolio managers are feeling as they seek solutions to the challenges that the new world of click and collect has placed upon its brick and mortar foundation.

One NRTA veteran offered this perspective on the value of the NRTA as a professional resource. “The rules governing real estate leases have changed. No matter how a tenant–whether a retail or commercial business–adjusts its selling or service strategy, property still represents an enormous asset that requires vigilant attention and innovative solutions; particularly given a business environment that continues to change on a daily basis. Property lease management teams need to get ahead of the curve as square footage shifts occur.

As industry analysts expect 25% increase in digital sales and mobile shopping, retail tenants are evaluating their lease administration procedures to better accommodate changes within the traditional retail shopping facade.

Bottom line...if your career is tied to the job of managing all this square footage, your world is being challenged with new rules, new thinking and new demands on effective lease management. And in some cases lease administrators are being pressed to succeed with less staff to manage this mammoth world of brick and mortar.

This year’s course presentations feature a number of topics specifically tailored to tenants experiencing changes in both tenant population and traffic patterns. These courses include (but aren’t limited to):
Negotiating Co-Tenancy Clauses
Implementing Exit Strategies
Managing Outsourcing
Managing the Workforce in Difficult Times

The face of NRTA continues to evolve. Historically, reflective in its formal name, the National Retail Tenants Association (NRTA) was comprised of members from the retail lease profession. However, the blend of course presentations has changed dramatically over the last few years as curriculum planners respond to the growing number of NRTA members and conference attendees responsible for managing non-retail commercial properties. This year’s curriculum continues to expand the number of courses and discussion groups specifically targeted to lease issues concerning commercial tenants. A sampling of this year’s classroom presentations for commercial lease managers includes:
Understanding Office Operating Costs
Corporate Lease Administration Roles
Best Practices for a Corporate Lease Admin Dept.
Navigating Legal Issues in Corporate Lease Audit Claims
Best Practices for International Lease Admin.
Value of Using a Corporate Broker
Commercial Lease Base Year Fundamentals

This curriculum growth reflects the increase of NRTA membership of commercial tenants from the ranks of health care clinics, multi-location businesses, banks, and insurance companies hosting multiple customer service centers; and most recently a chain of urgent care medical centers.

If you’re a lease administration professional tasked with managing the world of billions of square feet of store space, office space or both, you need the NRTA and the concentrated, hands-on teaching of best practices that is the entire focus of its Expanding Knowledge Conference more than ever.

For retailers and non-retailers alike, procedures and systems you’ve faithfully applied to manage lease obligations and lease content are being challenged. For the retailer, the question is how do you ensure continued seamless function, while also meeting obligations involving lease stipulations that are intended to protect your stores from changing shopper flows and tenant populations in mall and strip centers across the country. And for the non-retailer, the question is how to adapt and apply the best practices from the retail lease management world to address your own particular circumstances.The Expanding Knowledge Conference is the primary resource in the real estate lease management world to learn and share the tools and techniques that are essential to be successful.

This year’s conference curriculum consists of 50 course presentations and 23 small group discussions. This latter group provides professionals with the ability to share hands-on experiences with their peer groups.

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